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The story of Aashi Singh who lost 17 kg at Health Zone

The story of Aashi Singh who lost 17 kg at Health Zone

Aashi Singh, a housewife, lost 17 kg with us and shared her story for our readers. Please keep reading and you are sure to gain something out of it.

It has been observed that people who are self-conscious of their food habits and workout routine are more likely to lose weight faster and are also successful in keeping it off in the long run.

The story of Aashi Singh is surely an eye opener for the ones who are struggling to achieve their dream figure and will surely motivate many to achieve the success that she has achieved in changing her life merely through a great change in her food habits and an exercise routine. Aashi had gained a lot of weight post pregnancy due to which she had very low self confidence and she avoided socializing completely but she has proved that nothing is impossible in the world if one has a strong willpower and a determination to achieve what they desire for.

In July 2014, Aashi Singh joined Health Zone weighing 77 kilos and thus with a very low self esteem. Little did she know she was at the right place and her ife was going to be changed entirely from this very day. She had big dreams and hopes but had little to almost no idea to what will come next. Her trainer and dietician were very supportive and they boosted her self confidence from the very day she stepped into Health Zone. She blindly trusted the centre staff and surrendered herself to what they said.

She started her exercise routine soon after with cardio and thereby when she started seeing small improvements in her energy level and her increased metabolism, she combined it with strength training and therapies like Lipolysis Therapy. She switched her diet from oily stuffed paranthas to other healthier alternatives suggested to her. She had cut over all forms of high-calorie drinks to green tea and lime water. She started loving herself more by the end of first week and loved her mirror image by now.

She started her day with a glass of warm water first thing in the day to detoxify herself and rejuvenate her senses. It was being followed with a cup of green tea and suji toast to boost her metabolism and increase her energy levels to burn more calories throughout the day. Thereafter in breakfast she took cornflakes with milk or sometimes dalia along with brown bread to prevent extra calories from entering her body.

After half an hour she went to gym and followed the given workout schedule to take her next step to her dream figure. Her lunch later consisted of one bowl of pulse, one bowl veg along with salad and two rotis. Her dietician gave her a lot of healthy and tasty choices in sabzis (with recipes) and many other dishes as well to choose from.

All these small steps helped her to a great extent and finally her inch sizes had started dropping down from the whole body. After seeing the success of her efforts she increased her exercise repetitions and put in her best efforts to continue going in the same direction. The therapies at Health Zone were also helping to a great extent in toning up and weight loss.

Finally one successful month came to an end and thereafter started a time which brought even new and unexpected surprises for the young lady. She had by now surrendered herself to her mentors at Health Zone and made even more changes to her diet so that her overall weight also goes down like her inches. She started following the diet schedule strictly as she was fully determined to win and be an example for others who never believed she would be achieving so much in such a little time.

She took great care of what she was eating and while when she was working out due to trainer’s personal attention on her she never went wrong in her exercise posture which even pumped her motivation further and thus she kept going even when tired. They also changed her diet if ever she was uncomfortable following it. Dietician though cut her food quantity a bit but added a lot of healthy foods which helped her in maintaining the glow on her face despite weight loss. Finally her hard work paid her greatly as she had dropped five kilograms by now and she found a new charm in herself and awed everyone with her new and bold looks.

Being a regular workout person, Aashi made sure that going to the gym was her topmost priority and nothing came up at her gym hour which let her away from being there. The variety of exercises were increased in her schedule. Now her schedule consisted of power yoga, aerobics, boot camp, zumba and kickboxing. The compliments she started receiving from her close ones were amazing and they kept her going. The best compliment was from her darling husband – “Beauty Goddess” which she loved like anything. She switched over from Indian to Western dresses and just loved the figure she had achieved as her figure just looked marvelous in those western attires. Her waist shrunk from 37” to 30” and her upper body too had reduced considerably.

She made no changes to her diet and workout schedule and her body responded very well to her efforts as her metabolism also had increased to a great extent. By now she had successfully lost 12 kilos and now weighed at a mere 65 kilos.

People who are striving for weight loss and being healthy should always start gradually. One should always consult a doctor if suffering with any disease whether big or small and also a dietician before starting a new diet program. Complete information about oneself must be given to trainer as proper guidance is essential before beginning new weight loss program. It is important to have a set goal for weight and inch loss and without family support it would be very difficult to achieve the desired results.

Health Zone organized a special party for some of its achievers in Hotel Silvette to reward them and she was one of them.Being there as an achiever boosted her confidence. It was a gala night full of fun and lots of surprises. To make them feel special, their family members were also invited. 

Aashi’s special thanks goes to her trainer Ali who is always by her side, her mentor Shivanki Trivedi for being her driving force, her sister-in-law Neha Singh, her husband Anirudh Singh and her mother Maya Awasthi for increasing her motivation at all times and giving her the belief that she can do anything in the world.

Last but not the least, Aashi’s warm gratitude to Health Zone directors, Mrs Simran and Mr Sachin Sahni because they are the backbone of all her change. Their role in Aashi’s life has been tremendous and their faith in her made her achieve so big in life.

-As narrated to Uzma Hanif (Institute of Mass Comm., Jamia Univ, N.Delhi)

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