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Drink water in winters too

Drink water in winters too

As the weather gets colder, we tend to look for anything that can warm us up, both inside and out. Let’s face it, the “Winter’s official warmers” list doesn’t include a refreshing glass of water, nor does it qualify as a first aid tool during the cold days.

As the temperature outside gradually drops, we find ourselves near a heater or air conditioner, covered in layers of clothing. The artificial hot environment we create can cause dehydration in our body and skin. Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps our body maintain its fluid balance and even helps us keep our skin rejuvenated.

Water comprises two-thirds of our body, and we utilize this bodily resource during our various daily activities – eating, breathing, walking and more. Along with the physical activity which we continue to perform in winter, even though it’s on a smaller scale than in the summer, it is very important to ensure sufficient supply of water as we would do during warmer days.

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