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Beginner level exercises to strengthen the knees

Beginner level exercises to strengthen the knees

If you have knee pain during exercise, strengthening the muscles that support the knee may help reduce pain and make exercise as well as daily movements more comfortable. The following beginner level exercises offer both strength and flexibility benefits for the quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs.

If you have knee pain, you should see your doctor for a diagnosis and to get clearance before trying these, or any other, exercises.

1- Push Step on the Step

Equipment Needed: A step or platform.

Warm up with 5-10 minutes of cardio - This can be brisk walking, marching in place, or any activity that gets your heart rate up and warms your muscles

How to do:

1-Stand with your left side to a step, platform or the bottom step of a staircase.

2-Place the left foot on the step and push up a few inches on the left leg.Your right foot should come off the floor just a few inches and you should feel the front of your thigh engage. It's almost like stepping up halfway instead of stepping all the way up.

3-Come back down and repeat the push step, moving at a faster pace as you become more comfortable with the movement.Repeat for 30-60 seconds on the left leg and switch to the right for 1-3 sets.

If you're a beginner, complete 1-2 sets and try the moves with no weight to get a feel for the exercises.

For more advanced exercisers, complete 2-3 sets with short rests in between. Modify the exercises as needed to fit your specific needs and goals. Avoid any exercises that cause pain or exacerbate any current injuries.

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