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Reasons To Workout In A Gym

Reasons To Workout In A Gym

1.Social enrichment: I love being around people who are trying to improve their health. We share the same ideals and values.

2.Year-round exercise: I used to walk outside when the weather was good but stayed in at the slightest sign of rain or cold weather. Going to the gym meant not being limited by Mother Nature.

3.Expert advice: Personal trainers are always right there to check my form and make suggestions. No more flying blind when trying to use a piece of equipment for the first time.

Variety of Classes.:With a wide variety of group fitness classes available each week, I can choose between any of them and never get bored. For instance, at Health Zone I have kickboxing one day and take a step class the next.

Nutrition education: For eg my gym Health Zone offers counseling sessions with an expert dietitian who gives solid advice on how to eat better.

Variety of equipment: A gym offers much more equipment than I could ever afford to buy—and much better quality too.

Goal setting: Setting a goal to lift a certain weight and achieving it is a great confidence booster. If I can do this, what other things can I do?

Self-acceptance: Seeing people of all shapes and sizes helps you accept your own figure even if you need to lose a few kilos or haven’t exercised in years.

Fun: As children, we naturally exercise because we see activities such as running or playing football as fun, not work. When you adopt the attitude that a fitness class is fun, you can look forward to exercise instead of seeing it as one more thing on your to-do list.

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