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Top Foods to Avoid Overeating

Top Foods to Avoid Overeating


Over a period of time our body has adapted to a standard intake of calories. When we try to stop ourselves from consuming this daily dose to lose weight, it doesn’t work in most cases. Here are five foods that will make you feel fuller for longer and help prevent unnecessary snacking in between meals.

Pectin in apples can make you feel full for at least a few hours, helping you keep calories away until the next meal. They are also low on sugar and high on fiber, both of which indirectly aid weight loss.

Eggs contain a good mix of nutrients along with protein, which helps burn body fat, boosts metabolism and keeps hunger away.

Barley and Oats: 
Both of them contain beta-glucan, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Apart from making you feel full, they also boost immunity and promote healing.

A great source of fiber, natural sugar and low calories (37 cal), this fruit also keep you full for longer than usual.

A great source of protein and calcium, it can keep you full, promote fat burn and help in muscle build up.

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