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How To Clean Your Liver

How To Clean Your Liver

People talk about liver and kidney cleansing in ways that conjure up pictures of driving to something like a carwash, attaching the liver and kidneys to a washing machine, and happily picking them up “cleansed” after a quick and powerful scrub. Unfortunately, liver and kidney cleansing isn’t that easy.
Dozens of different liver cleansing programs are available. Despite the range of options, they all boil down to basic diet changes and some health-enhancing supplements.

Liver cleansing

From a medical standpoint, a liver that requires cleansing might reveal itself through a collection of blood tests collectively called “liver function tests.”

To flush the liver, avoid animal products and eat mainly high-fibre fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and legumes (see “Raw foods to support liver cleansing” below). Drink 6 to 12 cups (1.5 to 3 L) of filtered or healthyspring water daily because it helps flush out toxins. Avoid saturated fats, refined sugar, and alcohol. Enjoy vegetable juices such as beets, celery, and carrots, but do not focus the diet solely on these juices, as not everyone will find a juice-based cleanse to be convenient. If possible, make use of the far infrared sauna every two or three days to safely remove stored toxins from Liver.

Raw foods to support liver cleansing:
Brown rice
Brussels sprouts
Oat bran
Herbs and spices such as turmeric, cinnamon

A liver cleanse is needed when one is overweight or suffering from obesity,
chronic fatigue or just feeling out of sorts diabetes or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) nausea or other chronic digestive symptoms such as:

Gall stones
Thyroid condition
High cholesterol readings
Trouble sleeping for no apparent reason
Heavy use of alcohol, drugs, or anabolic steroids
Regular use of birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapy
Food, chemical, and environmental allergies
Fibromyalgia or autoimmune disorders.

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