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The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

All those who crave for mouthwatering, heartwarming, finger licking yummy cuisines, Lucknow is just the place for you. It’s a paradise for all the foodies. The compelling taste and the mesmerising fragrance of the delicacies will leave you awestruck. The magic of Lucknawi Andaaz is in the air. You just need to feel it. Here’s a visual treat for you.

Galawati Kebab

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

Once the favourite of the Nawab, Galawati Kebabs are the on the top of every Lucknowites favourites list. So tender, so soft, they literally melt in your mouth. One simply cannot miss the fantastical flavour of Galawati Kebab.

Tokri/ Basket Chaat

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

Chaat will beat any snack by a huge margin. Loved by every Indian, Chaat prepared in Lucknow goes a step further. It is served in a basket, which is so crispy. Tokri Chaat draws a lot of people towards itself. It makes the tummy as well as the taste buds happy.

Tunday Kebab

Oldest and grandest in the city, Tunday Kababi serves you the best you can ask for. Nothing is more delicious and appetizing that the Kebabs Tunday has to offer. The harmonious blend of over 100 types of Masalas and a legacy of over a century, this is indeed the ultimate.

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

Rogan Josh

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

Famous all across the country, Rogan Josh, a spicy curry, reaches its zenith when it is cooked with the Nawabi Andaaz in Lucknow. This little cuisine is ought to crave you for more.

Lucknowi Biryani

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

The Mother of All Cuisines, single legitimate ruler of all the delicacies. Biryani made in Lucknow gives a stiff competition to that of Hyderabad. Cooked with passion and served with grace, this is just impossible to resist. If you haven’t tried it as yet, do it now.

Boti Kebab

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

More Kebabs. Boti Kebab is an epitome of starters.Small pieces of meat heated intensely will compel you to lick your fingers madly when it is served to you. This Mughlai cuisine will make you appreciate it every time you eat it.

Paya ki Nihari

Cooker over 6-7 hours, Paya ki Nihari is a sublime dish served at the breakfast. Very much in demand during the month of Ramzan, this is an all time classic dish.

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

Malai Ki Gilori

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

If you like sweet, this is what you need. Let it melt in your mouth and realise that you can’t stop saying Oh Lovely! Bet you, you just can’t stop at one.


Sweet naan baked in tandoor, it is a companion of anything that is spicy. Made with milk and flavoured with saffron, please eat as many as you can.

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

Lucknowi Paan

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

The style statement of the class. It is the perfect show stopper. No meal is complete unless you have a paan in the end. So end your meals with a paan to proliferate your delicious experience.

Prakash ki Kulfi

The Flavoursome Andaaz of Lucknow

The sanctity of Faluda-Kulfi is at its peak when served by Prakash. The more you eat it, the more you crave for it. It is State of the art sweet dish. It doesn’t get any better.

Which one did you like the most? Do tell us about your eating experience. And in case, your tummy is getting out of shape after eating all these cuisines, well then contact us to stay fit and healthy.

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