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Inch Loss Programs

There are various Inchloss therapies which give astounding results in case of shaping, toning & uplifting. Depending upon the type of body fat and the areas of fat deposit the suitable therapies can be chosen from -

Lipolysis Therapy
for deep inchloss of all body bulges, helps in controlling body fluids (swelling), accelerates weight loss

Belly Tuck
for belly reduction

Thermo Slim
Reduce extra weight throughtout the body

Bodo Tuck

For shaping & toning from specific areas including waist, thighs, arms, back etc

Hip Tuck

Hip Tuck , Thigh Shaper , Arm Shaper therapies

Intensive Therapy

for stubborn fat

Slimtron Wrap Therapy

Slimtron Wrap Therapy
for uplifting loose flab

Breast Firming Therapy

Breast Firming Therapy
For toning & lifting

Double Chin & Face Lifting

Double Chin & Face Lifting

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