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Hair Care in Lucknow

Hair Spa    Book Now!!

Facing hair loss? Having a damaged or dull hair? We have the best hair spa you can ever ask for. Avail the opportunity of best hair spa and see the changes in your hair within no time.

Trimming    Book Now!!

Uneven strands of hair do no good to your personality. A slight trimming here and there will surely enhance your gorgeous looks. There is no point in waiting. Come straight to us.

Split Ends    Book Now!!

The most common problem that a woman faces with her hair is split ends. Stop trying the common and useless methods to avoid split ends and come to us for professional treatment.

Hair Wash    Book Now!!

A woman needs to wash her hair delicately to maintain the sheen. We give you the gentle and exquisite hair wash for the ultimate luster.

Blow Dry    Book Now!!

Stop blow drying your hair like a naïve. We provide the professional treatment of blow drying with Simple Blow Dry, Blow Dry with Moose Application and Straight Blow Dry.

Hair Conditioning    Book Now!!

Soft and shiny hair always gets a lot of compliments. Regular Hair Conditioning and Deep Hair Conditioning at GlamorZone will give you the Softest and Shiniest hair.

Head Massage    Book Now!!

Head massage is the ultimate way proving comfort to your head and to the body. Head massages not only relax your head but also provide nourishment to your hair. We have~
Coconut Oil Massage
Aroma Oil Massage
Olive Oil Massage.
We assure the best head massage that you would have never experienced before.

Henna    Book Now!!

Applying henna is a tedious job to do. So let us have the pleasure of applying henna to your hair and give you the look of your choice.

Candling    Book Now!!

A unique technique to deal with split ends available for you by our expertise.

Hair Ozone    Book Now!!

If you are suffering from scalp problem, dandruff, hair fall or hair damage, we bring to you the best in class Ozone treatment with great effectiveness.

Hair Treatments

   Book Now!!

There are several problems that a woman faces with her hair. Dandruff, hair loss, thin hair, split ends, rough hair, dry hair, scalp problem are many of the few. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with such problems and temporary solutions don’t have that great impact as we expect. Therefore we bring to you, the professional method of treating all your hair problems with a very comprehensive and meticulous approach. We provide~ HAIR OZONE TREATMENT ANTI-HAIR FALL TREATMENT ANTI-DANDRUFF TREATMENT. Visit us for the treatment and you won’t be disappointed.

Hair Styling & Cutting in Lucknow

Hair Style    Book Now!!

Special occasions call for special hair styles. Whenever you want to cast a spell on everyone with your hair, come to us. We will set your hair in the most explicit manner and make you the real heartthrob.

Roller Setting    Book Now!!

With various types of rollers, we provide you very stylish and trendy hairstyles of your choice in no time to make you look gorgeous.

Crimping    Book Now!!

GalmorZone provides you the technique of Crimping to give you an out of the league look that would attract eyeballs for you.

Tong Rod Setting    Book Now!!

We are happy to provide you the tong rod setting to curl your hair in a comprehensive manner like nobody else can do it for you. Curly hair are pretty.

Hair Cut    Book Now!!

Whatever style that suits your hair, we give the best haircut and make you look more charming than ever.

Baby Hair Cut    Book Now!!

If you wish to stand out in the crowd, we will give you a Baby haircut and make you look cute.

Smoothening    Book Now!!

Smooth hair is always appreciated. Rough hair gives you a troubled time. We help you to smoothen your hair and make you feel happy.

Perming    Book Now!!

If you don’t like you straight hair, just perm them. We will give you the best in class perm to enhance your overall look.

Pressing    Book Now!!

When your hair is not in the set properly or are causing you the trouble again and again, come to us for hair pressing and get perfectly aligned hair.

Rebonding/Straightening    Book Now!!

The orientation our hair has is due to the protein bond in them. So to change the style of your hair we rebond them to prove your hair a perfect style.

Hair Coloring

Global Color    Book Now!!

Giving you a different look by coloring your entire hair with vibrant and vivid colors. The look you will get shall be like never before.

Streaking    Book Now!!

Bringing the colors of rainbow into your hair by the method of streaking and making them look fantastic and fabulous.

Root Touchup    Book Now!!

Root touchup is simply an application of hair dye to the roots of the hair, to disguise the fact that hair has grown out, and to make a hair coloring last longer.