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The real charm of the face is with its glow. We have the face packs that will not only enhance the glow of our face but also will give an unparalleled shine to it.

Face Cleaning    Book Now!!

Every woman deserves to be a spotless beauty. And if you have any kind of spots on your face we will clean it as if it was never there.

Facial    Book Now!!

Facial is the way of treating your face of any kind of problem it is facing and bring out the inner glow. We provide~
Aroma Facial, Sandal Facial, Gold Facial, Platinum Facial, Fresh Fruit Facial, Pearl Facial, Thermo Facial, Milk & Honey Facial, Diamond Facial Facial, Rejuvenate Facial, Fruit Facial, Mint Facial, Turmeric Facial, Kesar Facial, & Almond Facial.

Bio Peeling    Book Now!!

This is a technology to remove the dead cells from the epidermis of the skin. This is the best way to cleanse your face in an herbal way.


Any problem regarding your face can turn serious if not dealt immediately. Several problems of face exist and most of the women face one or the other problem. We bring to you a comprehensive approach to deal with your problems. We provide you the services like-
Anti-Acne Treatment, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Detox Treatment, Skin Whitening Treatment, Face Ozone & Face Lifting.
We are sure that you won’t be disappointed if you avail our treatments.

Bleaching is done to eliminate the dark spots, wrinkles or any other element that makes the face look little less pretty. Bleaching will enhance the good characters of your face and suppress the spots. We expertise in-
Herbal Bleach, Oxy Bleach, Fruit Bleach, Arms Bleach, Half back & front Bleach, Full Back Bleach, Half Legs Bleach, Body Bleach, Upper Lip Bleach, Feet Bleach, Gold Bleach & Timer Bleach