Leaders in Wellness & Beauty Industry Since 1999
Leaders in Wellness & Beauty Industry Since 1999

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Answer: Fat loss is loss of excess body fat & not just water loss or muscle loss.


Answer: Yes, through our Spot Reduction Programs like Tummy Tuck, Belly Tuck, Hip Tuck, Thigh Tuck, Double Chin Removal etc., this is very much possible.


Answer: Through fatloss & inchloss therapies along with light exercises.


Answer: No, it requires just 2 weekly visits of about one hour each & you can lose up-to 5 Kgs in one Month. Through our FAST FORWARD Program one can easily lose 7-10kg in one month. However, in this program you need to visit 6 days/week for about 1.5 hour/visit.

Answer: No, it only involves some nutritional modification.


Answer: Not at all, because our system is natural & Scientific & after all thousands of our satisfied clients in Lucknow & adjoining areas can vouch for it.


Answer: Of course, because Health Zone provides Guaranteed Weight Maintenance Program.


Answer: Why not, our Expert Team of Doctors, Dieticians & Physical Instructors take special care of your problems.


Answer: No, since all the therapies are natural, scientific & medically supported. Since 1999 thousands of clients who have lost weight with us through these therapies can vouch for the safe results of these therapies.


Answer: No, We have programs suitable for every budget.


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