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* Disclaimer: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

Aashi Singh (Lost 17 kg)

“ After gaining a lot of weight after pregnancy, I lost my self confidence and avoided socialising. But then Health Zone came to my rescue and I lost 17 kgs through regular workouts and Belly Tuck Therapy. The staff at Health Zone has been very supportive in helping me achieve my goal. Thank you, Health Zone. – Aashi Singh, Aishbagh ”

Lost 15 Kg

“ I am delighted to have lost 15 here through the Intensive Therapy. Thanks to the staff at Health Zone which is very dedicated, caring, courteous and knowledgeable. – Rajpal, housewife. ”

Lost 11 kg and 74 cm

“ I lost 11 kg and 74 cm that I gained due to bad eating habits, anxiety etc during my travels. I had tried many health centres across the globe but the kind of results and personalised attention I received at Health Zone was unmatched. I feel way healthier and confident now. If you are looking to lose weight then Health Zone is where you should head. – Fanny Martinez, Spanish student in India. ”

Lost 20 kg

“ Lovee lost 20 kg through the Ultra Lipo Therapy ”

Priyank Kapoor (Lost 24 Kg)

“ I Priyank Kapoor, Lost 24 Kg. through Fast Forward Program with the help of health zone and now I feel more confident about myself ”

Holly Donahue (Lost 12 kg)

“ I am Holly Donahue an American Student in Lko and Lost 12 kg.Now I can wear dresses in which I felt uncomfortable due to my weight few months back ”

Mona Sethi (Lost 34 kg)

“ I am Mona Sethi,I lost 34 kgs in just 7 Months with the help of Health Zone and now I am able to fit in my old clothes which I thought was impossible ”

Usha Tripathi 

“ I am Usha Tripathi and I took Double chin & Face lifting treatment at Health Zone and got results which I thought were not possible ”

Sangita Tripathi

“ I am Sangita Tripathi and I took Detox Treatment for Rough, Tanned & Uneven Skin Tone. I also had blemishes on her face.But with the help of Health Zone I was able to get rid of them and Now I feel more beautiful ”

Sunny Singh (Lost 25 kg)

“ I am Sunny Singh and I have lost 25 kgs through inch loss therapies, balanced diet and motivational counselling at Health Zone. ”

Sophia Srivastav (Lost 23Kg )

“ I am Sophia Srivastav,I lost 23Kg in 5months. Benefited immensely through Thermoslim Therapies.I am loving my new found body ”

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